06 July 2009

Less Cowbell

The world seems to have gotten awfully complicated lately. There’s just so much more than there used to be. More people. More entertainment. More places. More food. More music. More news. More More More More. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the truly meaningful things in that sea of “so much.” That’s what I want to do here on this blog, sift through that noise and see if I can find the simple – the kernel in the melee that is solid. (I'm not immune to the irony of adding more noise to the world by adding this blog.)

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for the complicated, because there is. In a country of more than 300 million, there are just some things that aren’t simple no matter what. But even the complicated things can still have simplicity, a simple goal, simple idea, or a simple result or feeling. A simple truth. Sometimes people get carried away with the complicated and it becomes overwhelming and stressful. And simple doesn’t always mean easy, either. Sometimes, a simple choice can lead to very complicated results. But the simplicity itself holds something mysterious and beautiful and even terrifying at the same time.

And also, my “spousal equivalent” already agrees with about 90% of my beliefs and though he is 100% supportive of me and will listen to me justify my beliefs repeatedly, it would be nice to give him a break occasionally.

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